Two Cuban doctors are kidnapped in Kenya

Two Cuban doctors are kidnapped in Kenya

Two Cuban doctors were kidnapped today in the city of Mandera, in northern Kenya and near the border with Somalia, by unidentified gunmen, sources with the country’s security forces said.

In the attack the kidnappers blocked the passage to the car in which Landy Rodriguez (surgeon) and Herera Correa (specialist in general medicine) went to work, opened fire and killed one of the policemen who accompanied them, while a second officer was able to flee , sources from the forces of order explained to the local media.

The kidnappers then fled with the two doctors and crossed into Somalia.

Sources from the Embassy of Cuba in Nairobi told Efe that they are aware of the event but, for the time being, they do not have precise information about the kidnapping.

The doctors were identified as the surgeon Landy Rodríguez and the family doctor Herera Correa, who work at the Hospital de Mandera.

Given the proximity to Somalia, authorities suspect that the kidnappers could be members of the Somali al-Shabab group, which has been responsible for similar acts in the past.

The two doctors are part of a contingent of 100 Cuban doctors who arrived last year in Kenya under an agreement signed between the two countries to improve access to specialized medical services in the African nation.

This agreement also allows fifty Kenyan doctors to be sent to Cuba to receive training .

Last November, the Italian aid worker Silvia Costanza Romano, 23, was kidnapped by armed men in the town of Chakama, near the tourist town of Malindi (east).

To date, his status or whereabouts are unknown despite the Kenyan security forces’ device to find the aid worker.