Military shoot 80 times at a car and kill the father of a family

Military shoot 80 times at a car and kill the father of a family

The Brazilian Army opened an investigation related to the death of a man inRio de Janeiro , whose car was hit by 80 bullets that were fired by members of the armed forces.

Authorities said soldiers confused Evaldo dos Santos Rosa’s 46-year-oldvehicle with one owned by criminals. two Santa Rosa passed away and his wife’s stepfather was injured. Relatives said his wife, his 7-year-old son and another woman were unharmed.

The Army initially reported that it had responded to an attack on Sunday. But the police said no weapons were found in the car, so the military changed their statement.

The authorities said that all the evidence points to the fact that it was a homicide.

For its part, the Army said the attack occurred in response to shots fired at the military, according to a report from the Central Command of the East , cited by the state agency Brazil. 

The Brazilian Army determined on Monday to suspend the charge and send to prison ten of the soldiers implicated in the death of two Santos Rosa

In a first communication, released on Sunday after hearing the initial statements of the soldiers of the events, the Army had indicated that the attack had occurred in response to shots fired at the military.

However, on Monday the Army acknowledged the presence of “inconsistencies” in the statements given by the soldiers involved in the incident.

“By virtue of inconsistencies identified between the facts initially reported and other information that subsequently arrived at the Eastern Military Command, the immediate suspension of the soldiers involved was determined and sent to the Military Judicial Police Station for the taking of individualized testimonies”, according to the statement disclosed by this command.

In the note, the Army explained that after hearing the statements of those involved “signed the prison order” of 10 of the 12 soldiers involved.

“Everything indicates that the military really confused the car with a bandit vehicle, but in this vehicle there was a family, no weapons were found (inside the vehicle), everything determined that it was a normal family, of good, that ended being a victim of the military, “said Commissioner Leonardo Salgado , speaking to the Fantastic program on Sunday night.

The wave of violence that Rio de Janeiro faces since the 2016 Olympic Gameshas left more than 6,000 dead each year, something that could not stop the intervention of public safety, a measure that was implemented in Rio during 2018.

The intervention, implemented on February 16, 2018 and extended until December 31 of last year, gave the Army control of public safety in Rio.

During the 10 months that the measure was implemented in Rio, 1,375 people died due to police actions, 33.6% more than in the same period of 2017, according to the NGO Observatorio de la Intervenci√≥n .