Duchess Kate suddenly takes a break – vacation makes rumors boil

Duchess Kate suddenly takes a break - vacation makes rumors boil

As the world waits for Meghan’s baby, her sister-in-law’s behavior astonishes Kate. The Duchess and Prince William have withdrawn.

So far, not even the birth of the one royal baby is confirmed. But already rumored, if there is not another. Because not only that with Duke Meghan every moment should start the contractions – or that has already done a lot in secret – also about a fourth pregnancy of her sister-in-law, Duchess Kate, is speculated recently. 

Duchess Kate and Prince William: Retreat to the Manor

The reason for this is a sudden break that she and Prince William are enjoying. According to media reports, the two just stretch out at their country home in Norfolk. Is possibly a new pregnancy behind this surprising holiday?

It is clear that the royal couple has been largely withdrawn lately. Fans were already worried. But allegedly, the two are already following the Easter holidays, the next appointments. 

William and Katee: The next royal dates for the prince couple

For Prince William, this is a trip to New Zealand where he wants to meet the victims of the Christchurch assassination. This was announced by Kensington Palace on his Twitter account . Duchess Kate is expected on April 25 for ANZAC Day, a national day of remembrance. By then all eyes should be on her stomach. 

By contrast, Meghan Markle will soon be ready. Is the name of the royal baby already confirmed ? These British want to have found out what the royal offspring will be called.

Duchess Kate and Prince William: speculation about offspring just does not stop

If the Duchess were indeed in anticipation, that would be the fourth pregnancy for Duchess Kate, after Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. That the rumor mill seethes is by no means new. In the past, speculation about a possible baby bump has been recurring again and again: most recently just a few weeks ago , when a small detail might have betrayed her , or at the end of last year, when an insider revealed classified information . 

Another nasty rumor is currently circulating – William cheated on his Kate during her last pregnancy.

Waiting for Meghan’s baby

While it will in any case take some time for Kate to confirm or exclude the suspected pregnancy, there has been a growing suspicion for days that Duchess Meghan has already given birth .